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2018 - 2020


L'Antre SA

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The project

The BCF-Arena is the outcome of a project aiming at renovating and expanding the ice rink of HC Friborg-Gottéron hockey club. The large-scale construction works were conducted while keeping the rink operational. The extension was achieved by adding a reinforced concrete load-bearing structure all around the existing arena. The addition offers a new ring of stands and three additional floors which allow for a spatial reorganization of the ice rink layout.


The resulting volume is crowned by a long span steel roof covering an area of 105m x 80m. The roof consists of a network of 16 underspanned steel beams with variable height that intersect with each other to form a star. Such layout, which follows the principle of the stress trajectories, evokes the indentation of skates on the ice and provides a strong character to the rink.

220'000 m3

95 M.
©Aldo Ellena