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2020 - 2022

Footbridge over the Rhone

Vernier and Onex
©Descombes Rampini
Commune of Venier, Commune of Onex & SIG

Consortium: Rampini construction, Philippe Meylan, Zwalen et Mayr SA, Fressinet SA

Award of contract

©Descombes Rampini
The project

The footbridge over the Rhone with its footpaths connects the towns of Vernier and Onex through forested areas and river cliffs. The design of the 117m-long footbridge aims at establishing a direct dialog between the wooded river banks and the wide outlook over the Rhone’s course. Its straight and light-weight layout blends subtly into the natural contours of the site.

©Descombes Rampini

The footbridge is composed of four suspension cables and a series of prefabricated steel frames supporting the deck. Such system provides great transparency while minimizing the visual impact of the bridge on the surrounding landscape. The bridge is built from the river banks without occupying the river bed; the waterway traffic can thus remain undisturbed during the construction works.

117 m

18 M.